Our investment in Cube.Exchange

Our investment in Cube.Exchange

Today, we are thrilled to share our investment in Cube.Exchange - the next-generation crypto trading platform. We participated in the $9M seed round, alongside other notable investors: Asymmetric Technologies, Susquehanna Private Equity Investments, Everstake, Foundation Capital, Big Brain Holdings, Third Kind Venture Capital, and WW Ventures.

In any market, an exchange is a critical infrastructure that enables investors to buy and sell assets, and the crypto realm is no exception. Since the beginning, exchanges have emerged as the best Product-Market Fit (PMF) model in the crypto space, especially with the rise of centralized exchange platforms like Bitmex, Coinbase, and Binance. However, with centralized platforms, users inevitably face certain counterparty risks.

The FTX collapse in November 2022 highlighted the need for an alternative trading solution that eliminates centralized control and offers users more transparency and trustless transactions in the form of a non-custodial nature. Decentralized exchanges have proven to be a promising solution.

However, it is evident that the current leading decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap, are still struggling to serve the majority of users. The primary reasons for this include an unoptimized user interface, an intimidating onboarding process, a lack of trading features (e.g., limit orders, TWAP, etc.), and non-compliance with regulators. This leads us to believe that there is an opportunity for an alternative platform, which can combine the good of both CEX and DEX while still maintaining transparency and on-chain settlements, ensuring no counterparty risk.

Cube.Exchange’s mission is to inspire confidence in crypto: one trade, one user, and one innovation at a time. We believe Cube.Exchange has solved the problems described above. 

Cube.Exchange leverages best-in-class Web2 TradFi design concepts to create a lightning-fast off-chain matching engine. The latency from the placement of an order to a matched trade test is 40x faster than the industry standard. The design also integrates on-chain settlement, and an MPC wallet using industry-leading blockchain technology. This ensures secure, trustworthy trading and robust asset management for all users.

The executive team behind Cube.Exchange has a rich experience in TradFi and blockchain technology. Their deep-rooted industry connections and insights into crafting a successful exchange provide Cube.Exchange with a huge advantage.

We firmly believe that Cube.Exchange, with its innovative approach and top-tier team, is poised for monumental success. We are excited to accompany Cube.Exchange in the journey of being the next-generation crypto trading platform. 

Why just read about innovations when you can be a part of them? Dive into the Cube.Exchange experience at https://www.cube.exchange/.

We invite you to offer feedback and share your perspectives, helping shape the future of crypto trading.