Introducing Arche Fund

Introducing Arche Fund

Coin98 Ventures rebrands to Arche Fund, a new chapter to provide enhanced support to bold founders and ideas that will shape the future of the internet. Arche is much more than a mere name change; it encapsulates our mission, values, and the panorama of possibilities that await.

The Coin98 Ventures Legacy

The narrative started in January 2021 when Coin98 Finance, a reputable blockchain company in Vietnam, decided to establish a venture arm. This initiative aimed to add value and provide opportunities for potential DeFi protocols and projects to bring their innovative ideas to fruition. In less than three years of development, Coin98 Ventures has empowered numerous blockchain projects. Since 2021, we have been fortunate to have GuildFi, Magic Eden, Aura Network, and more than 30 companies and protocols across the Web3 stack in our portfolio. Notably, the collaboration with Solana Foundation to establish a $5 million investment fund stands out as a remarkable achievement.

Keeping the increasing influence and wider goals in mind, we have decided to transform Coin98 Ventures into Arche Fund, bringing an elevated level of commitment and support. In conjunction with the brand transformation, we developed a fresh framework, focusing more on foundational values. The improved approach aims to enhance precision in the investment fund model and extend Arche’s scope of strategic support.

Introducing Arche Fund

The September 2023 milestone signifies the inception of Arche and also marks a significant step forward in our mission to back bold founders building the open internet. Inspired by Greek philosophy, the name Arche (Pronounced /a-ki/) stands for the 'First Principle'. As of today, our intention is for Arche to be remembered as a trustworthy cornerstone for Web3 Builders.

Arche goes beyond offering value-added programs; we start by embracing our partner's unique and dedicated vision for what lies ahead. Initiated from their devoted vision, we are equipped to continually explore and deliver solutions that work for our partners, driving their progressive vision to fruition. We provide robust financial backing as well as providing essential tools, resources, and networks that are vital for shaping the decentralized internet of the future.

Our Pillars

The most significant change in Arche's framework is centered around the three core pillars that assist us in tailoring our support to the varying needs of each project.

  • Arche Ventures: An early-stage venture capital firm, supporting emerging Web3 projects.
  • Kompass: A Web3-native acceleration program, guiding Web3 businesses throughout their entire journey.
  • Arche Capital: A pivotal source of capital, backing groundbreaking Web3 ideas.

Depending upon the specific requirements, stage, and scale of the Web3 project, we at Arche provide consultation to choose the most appropriate pillar. This guidance enables the project to flourish to its maximum potential.

What's next for Arche Fund?

Arche stands as a testament to our commitment to roll up our sleeves and jointly accelerate the mass adoption of Web3. We firmly believe that this aspiration isn't just Arche's, but a collective dream shared by all builders who unite in nurturing innovative ideas for a better future of the internet. This endeavor holds the promise that the remarkable benefits of Web3 will reach even more individuals.

Gazing into the future, we have come to realize that our potential to contribute to the ecosystem is greater than we initially perceived. Instead of control, our approach revolves around uplifting ideas and upholding the core values of each project. We empower, equip, and provide tailored guidance to ensure that every builder can thrive under optimal conditions.

This approach paints a landscape where every participant is driven by the same objective. It's a level playing field where players of all sizes are accorded equitable opportunities, allowing even a modest yet daring piece to rise to prominence someday.

Get in touch with us to delve into ways we can bolster your vision and supply the aid essential for you to flourish in the volatile realm of blockchain. The next step on your journey to success is waiting - connect with Arche Fund and let's build the future together.

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